Magickal Tool Sculptures to go with your Akashic Record Reading
Magickal Tool Sculptures to go with your Akashic Record Reading
Magickal Tool Sculptures to go with your Akashic Record Reading
Magickal Tool Sculptures to go with your Akashic Record Reading

Magickal Tool Sculptures to go with your Akashic Record Reading

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Safire Arts (Mindy) & R3 Magical Essence (Richelle) have combined Magical Forces to make collaborative pieces that aid in healing and growth for your rainbow soul.

This will be a two part service. The first part is your Akashic Records reading with Richelle  Ross that will last approximately 90 minutes and will be 150 Canadian dollars. You can purchase this on her site, wwwr3magicalessence. 

The second part is your magickal tool created by SafireArts. I am running an introductory special offer of $165 +shipping.  You will  purchase your custom made magickal tool prior to scheduling your Akashic reading on her website .

When Richelle accesses your Akashic Records, she gets to ask your spiritual team if they have a gift for you that you may have had in a past life, one that would serve you in your present life. One of your magical tools that can be brought forth into this life time.

Safire Arts (Mindy) will be with Richelle during the session and as she see the image, I will be creating what Richelle is saying and sculpting the beautiful magical tool that your spiritual team would love for you to have. I make goddesses, pendents, draegans and so much more.


What are the Akashic Records:


The Akashic Records is part of you, body, essence, energetic field and chakras which holds all the information that you are looking for, from your past, present moments and potential future. The future is always written in pencil as we move forward but we will always meet our divine path. 


Your records can never be opened without your consent, your information is always safe and protected by your guardian. When it’s opened, it’s full of your life stories, guides and guardians and anything you can imagine.


In the records we hold our memories, thoughts, energy, emotions, actions, feelings, history, thoughts and our experiences / adventures that our soul has taken on and it’s kept in our records.  This is why we have our guides to keep our records so one day it can be accessed.


When receiving a session it can be from finding out more about who you are, finding out about connections with people in your life and connecting with yourself at a deeper level. You can release the pain, suffering and emotional debt from your records so you can move forward without any blocks holding you back from what you desire. A lot of healing can be done in a session.


When you have an Akashic Record Session you will feel closer to who you are and have a feeling of ease knowing which path to take. 


Who is SafireArts:


Through meditation and Spirit focus, Safire is guided and inspired to create unique pieces of artwork that serve the recipient in both practical and powerful ways. Every shapeless bit of clay is born into its' new self with the power to connect people to their true intentions. Beauty and whimsy, higher vibrations and soul connections are what SafireArts brings to life. 


Book your session today to receive your records reading and your beautiful magical tool.

Brightest Blessings

Richelle & Mindy

R3ME & SafireArts